Interview: 2SQUARE

Two best friends that gave up all their material possessions to live a true gypsy life on the road. Justin Vallee and Jeremiah Taylor make up artist duo. They have been globe trotting, on tour for 2 years, painting murals, experiencing new cities. Living full time in a small camper (Shasta) made in the 60s, and a van in Europe, without running water. In November of 2011, they went to Wynwood, Miami for Art Basel to paint. After Basel, they stayed, and have been painting murals in Miami ever since.

Street Art United States (SAUS) had a chance to catch up with the two for a very honest and revealing interview.

Who are you?
(Justin Vallee) a passionate man. I Live outside the box all while staying in it. Meaning the artist is always the artist. I approach life as an art and therefore mingle with many of her forms. I love running my fingers across letters as much as I love painting with them.
(Jeremiah Taylor) Hustler, poet, lover, philosopher, not a great speller, connected, 2square, skater, painter, a day dreamer, a driven motha sucka.

When/how you did you guys meet?
(Justin) We met in our mid 20’s we both made a lot of money at the time and we knew how to spend it quickly.
(Jeremiah) we met about 7 or so years ago. We had a mutual friend, that introduced us. We really didn’t vibe at first, but the more we hung out, it all started to click. Until our click was called 2square

When did you start doing art?
(Justin) I had always been in art classes and excelled at them in school. During my 20s I began experimenting more with spray paint and acrylics. I started to have exhibitions working on mannequins, abstract, canvas, and tape paintings. The last few years my fantasy world became my subjects. I also played with stencils and t-shirt designs. I did it all blindly with no education and no real influence from the art world at the time.
(Jeremiah) I feel like I’ve been dabbling in various art forms throughout my life. I’ve always been writing, drawing, scribbling, taking photographs building things, skating, cutting hair. I was an art director for my last job. That was before i gave it up to become 2square, where I now put all my whole focus on putting my works on the street.

What school/training did you get?
(Justin) No formal training, no Mr. Meagee’s, or Sinsa’s.
(Jeremiah) I don’t have any training from an art school. I grew up in a very small town in Tennessee. It’s safe to say they didn’t focus on the arts so much. A few years later, after I graduated high school,  l went to hair school and became a hair stylist It was there where I learned how to be  disciplined and  articulate in expressing details of my final objective and how to create and manifest in real life the vision that you had thought of.  That knowledge that I received, has given me the technical thinking to unlock an artistic paradigm.

Who or what influences you?
(Jeremiah) My neighborhood, nature, the city, faces that I see, friends, family, travel, God. Everything really. Whatever you’re around affects you in some manner, the good the bad the ugly. It all goes somewhere internal whether we are conscious of it, or not. I try to expose the truth of those things in a beautiful way…
(Justin) Wow I have many influences now, the world, my life, what I see, the city I’m in, my circle of friends, the struggle, my desires, and women to name a few. I’m a lover so women move me, my words, my brush, my pen, my can, or whatever else is in my hand.

Do you do mixed media or only street art?
(Justin) I will paint whatever I can get my hands on. It varies from canvas to clothing. We have over 400 very expressive poems on our site I’m working in 2 sketch pads currently, right hand and my left hand. I’m right handed but have been training my left hand the series is called Lefty or Lefty2 he does murals as well. Bringing his technique better is something I’ve been focusing on. The dude is fucking crazy and I never know what is going to come out of him. When we were overseas, buying canvas is never an option so we would paint on cardboard and recycled materials, sheets of wood, basically whatever we could get our hands on. We both model and have been fortunate in our travels to work with some world renowned photographers and I think that our portfolio rivals most women you know that call themselves “models” but really just get naked pictures taken by some dude on the train tracks (facebook/2square modeling portfolio). Our web series can also be found on our website as well as blip tv. Our series has been directed by a few different people including us. Right now NoPlanB is shooting and Dreams the brains behind it is capturing us in a new light. He started out shooting music videos and now he does our series and random documentaries as well. On our show you see our struggle first hand, our friends and fans can watch our struggle. We allow you in to see our reality sometimes its sweet sometime its bitter to watch. We live in a modern fishbowl people eventually witness our success or failure. I like to focus on success. We do designs or paint on; shoes, skateboards, and clothing. I have used brushes, cans, stencils, graffiti pens, and wheat paste in my street art. If you friend request me on Facebook you can watch melody work as I complete it, sketchbook, Lefty pads, and street art (Justin Vallee).

(Jeremiah) There are many other arts and art forms I practice and study. I really like fashion. I like making clothes. The last fashion show we did, I  made 3 dresses. I really like wearable art. It can be a loud statement. I love to photograph people, create the set, and also  work the beauty side of the shoot as well. I experiment with music. I’ve produced our video series while we were on tour. I’ve built furniture. I do quit a bit of things. I think if you’re a creative person your eyes and mind see and comprehend creatively. When you’re that person, everything is a creative project.
Everything becomes art.

Do you incorporate your art with fashion in your real lives?
(Justin) Jeremiah and I are crazy in our fashion sense. People have told me before that I’m a showman and I definitely think that’s true. I love performing I can paint a wall at a fast speed in front of a crowd dressed crazy as fuck. It turns me up and on I feed off energy and crowds.  We go to the thrift stores and shop in all the aisles, men’s, women’s, kids, granny’s. Whatever! If it makes people laugh I go for it 2. I have a tendency to cut my clothes up. Living in Miami you can get away with wearing next to nothing. One of our ultimate goals as 2square is to bring some different clothing lines out and tailor them to very specific crowds.
(Jeremiah) For me there isn’t a separation in who you are, or what you do. Fashion wise like any art it’s all about expression. And It’s fun to be expressive.