The First International Fair of Urban Art, FIAU (Feria Internacional de Arte Urbano) took place during the last weekend of November in Mexico City. Organized by and Expo México, it achieved success on all fronts; gathering artists of different nationalities, specialists in the environment, local authorities, universities, companies and the general public. Located at the Expo Center Santa Fe, it featured a variety of programming such as conferences, exhibitions, live painting, workshops and brand experiences.

Monk-E, Deih, Dragon76

The weekend also included an exciting project that gathered more than 30 national and international street-artists, who took on the task to design and transform the largest corporate area in all of Latin America into an urban art district.  

Participating International artists included; Jarus, Monk-E, Tenser (Canada), Pure TPF, Radah (United States), Bikismo (Puerto Rico), Gleo (Colombia), Zosen, Mariela Ajras, Sol del Rio (Argentina), Pepe (Chile) , Sam Elgreco (Brazil), Eelco (Holland), Deih (Spain), Andy Council, Daniel Splaite (United Kingdom), Xtra Crunchy (Israel), Dragon76, Mina Hamada (Japan), Lelo, Alina Kiliwua, Mil Amores, Rex , Motick, Keops (Mexico).

Andy Council
Mariela Ajras

About FIAU

Presented by Graffiti World, the International Fair of Urban Art (FIAU) aims to culminate the wave that’s seen urban art and high-quality graffiti become a legitimate art and business in society. Gaining relevance in the community and as a means of transforming public spaces, their events aim to recreate and enhance areas with public art.

Graffiti World is the agency that represents and produces impactful urban art around Mexico which is steadily growing a more global presence. They have made more than 400 productions from 2014 to date, and have more than 130,000 followers in different social networks. They support and coordinate projects with more than 50 national and international urban artists, with constant access to exchanges, collaborations and co-productions at festivals.

Graffiti World: website | facebook | instagram

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