Add Fuel in Gainesville, FL

Add Fuel in Gainesville, FL

April 15, 2016
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Add Fuel in Gainesville, FL

Add Fuel in Gainesville, FL

Add FuelDiogo Machado aka Add Fuel from Portugal was recently in the USA for the first time to paint in Gainesville. Invited by the curator of 352walls, Iryna Kanishcheva, he created his biggest series of works on electrical boxes including a mural. 10 separate interventions in total, mixing 8 different patterns that he prepared exclusively for this project.
All of these interventions are part of the ‘Electrical Animal’ series which are based on the traditional Portuguese tiles called alejos.  The artist created a unique and specific pattern for each location, interpreting Florida’s native animals. So for this particular project, he created patterns using alligators, sea turtles, walruses, mocking birds, manatees, armadillo etc. The artist’s work never fully covers the original surface, giving it an effective illusion of depth.

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352walls/ The Gainesville Urban Art Initiative is coordinated by the city of Gainesville and sponsored by Visit Gainesville

To learn more about 352Walls visit the website and connect on social media at:
Twitter @352walls
And Instagram @352walls

Photography © Iryna Kanishcheva

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