Alice Pasquini’s Solo Show at 44309 STREET//ART GALLERY

Alice Pasquini’s solo exhibition I’mperfect Tense at 44309 STREET//ART GALLERY is concerned with the concept of imperfection and perfection. Known for her inventive usage of materials, here, too, the theme of the show is not only communicated through imagery but also the media used:
Empty bottles and old cabinet doors refer to their past and through their imperfections become even more alluring. Alice objects the contemporary notion of the harsh and clinical industrial aesthetic and instead offers an emotional and sensual point of view on flaws, defects and irregularities. Alice’s works, both indoor and outdoor, has been exhibited all over the world and after a short hiatus of 3 years, we are very happy to welcome her back to Dortmund.

Opening night is on the 16th of April from 7pm, the exhibition will run until the 28th of May 2016.

Alice Pasquini“Imperfection is defined with respect to a genre, a canon, or a law. Too much or too little with respect to the norm renders something imperfect. What but is the criteria for imperfection in art?

Allure certainly has nothing to do either with perfection or beauty. The most ‘perfect’ subject is often the least inspiring.

As Umberto Eco reminds us, ‘The Venus de Milo, with her missing arms, is imperfect. As seductive figures we celebrate beings with defects: crossed-eyes, noses like those of Barbra Streisand, the lameness celebrated by Montaigne. Tanizachi gives praise to the bowed legs of Japanese women. Because in watching them, the continual attempt to imagine what has been lost is alluring.’


According to wabi-sabi, an ancient Japanese aesthetic philosophy centered on the principals of transience and imperfection, beauty is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. Asymmetry, simplicity, intimacy, and an appreciation for the integrity of natural objects join the philosophy to this body of work.

4As someone who has chosen the street, the color impressed on the wall, as well as the rapid and spontaneous contact with viewers necessitates an influence by a place and its history. In my own need to go beyond the limits of the canvas and studio in order to create art not only for spectators, but also for passersby, I often select decaying walls. Walls that are ravaged by layers of tags or invaded by cracks. The city’s scars are my best canvases. Sources of inspiration are present everywhere and can indeed come from the most unexpected places.

I am fascinated by abandoned spaces, whether modern or ancient – a taste that upends the concept
of perfection and completeness.

I paint on objects where time has left its mark, evoking a past in which its imperfections reflect our
own flaws, our own scars, our own uniqueness.

It’s odd that in English the word imperfect contains “I’m perfect.” In some languages the imperfect
verb form indicates a past action “imperfectly” brought to completion. Coming from the Latin
imperfectus, it indicates an ongoing, uncompleted action.


Here ruins, whether archeological or mental, are understood as places of the past – places of memory. Rubble, yet also points of departure for the construction of our time.
Shine a light on our times, and the relationship between wounds past and present, giving hope in a contemporary world destined for decline and playing on the fears that fill our daily lives.

AlicePasquini_SunkIWhat I seek is not to comply with a taste canon, but an internal principle.

To rebuild a naturalness of materials, of senses, of emotions, against the invasive industrial and technological alienation, against banal, manipulative advertising.” – Alice Pasquini

Rheinische Straße 16, 44137
Dortmund, Germany
Tel: +49 172 1687039

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