Analizarte is a street artist from Santa Fe, Argentina. She started drawing and painting since she was a little girl. She uses wall paint mainly because it is affordable, something many artists do in South America. Analizarte also tags every mural she paints with “ARTISTA BUSCA PARED”, meaning Artist Seeking Wall. It is her way of finding people who like her work and possibly offering her a new wall to paint.

Street Art United States (SAUS) had the pleasure collaborating with the artist in Boston and getting to know her on a personal level.

Could you tell us a little about yourself and where are you from?
My name is Anali, I am 26 years old, and I am a street artist from Rosario, Argentina. I’ve started to draw and paint ever since I was a little girl.

How or when did you start doing street art?
My first street art project was when i was 18 years old, in a neighborhood in Rosario, it was a mural for a cultural center and cinema. I was called to make this at the University, for  a painting subject together with other students. I didn’t think at that time that i will continue doing it, but it was a good experience, because I learned how to work in a team.

Do you have a formal education?
I do. I studied Fine Arts at the University of Rosario, I think this helped me as an artist, to decided what was the best way to express my ideas and art projects. I believe that this university is open enough to guide students into their own search, while they  also teach in an academical way. Right now I’m developing my final thesis to get my degree, consisting of my street art project “ARTISTA BUSCA PARED” meaning “artist seeking a wall”.

Who are your favorite classic artists and from what era and why?
Micheangelo Bounarroti and Leonardo Da Vinci. I’m still impressed when i look at their work and can’t believe how they manage to make such a good work without photos and artificial light.

Is there a message in your art?
Yes, but not only one. Every mural I make has a particular and different message, because each image is inspired by the place, experiences and architectural shape of the wall. I don’t like to make some image that is close to only one way of interpretation, I prefer images that are open to different meanings, making people ask themselves about it. I’m really interested in connecting people in the streets to public art, so in every mural I create I leave a stencil with the slogan “artist seeking for a wall” so people can contact me with the intention to paint a new wall somewhere else.


How is the street art scene in Rosario? Is there a lot of support for street artists?
The street art scene in South America is getting bigger. This is a movement that is expanding and i think that it will continue to expand. There aren’t many street artists in Rosario, but there are a few people that paint together and its really good. You can see different styles and ideas, some are just for fun, and to make the city more beautiful, others are political, graffiti… everything. The city is changing, and it is great to be part of it. The street art scene in Buenos Aires is completely different, as a big capital, everybody makes art in public spaces.

How do you paint a wall, do you ask permission, or you just go ahead and paint?
I choose to paint where people want me to make something. The whole idea of my project consist of create work where I am able to do, where people want it to be.
I do not agree with the idea of committing acts of vandalism, many residents of my city have entrusted me with their walls. I create a stencil with this slogan and an e-mail (, so anyone passing by can contact me for the creation of a new wall. Anyone interested in changing some space would give a detailed information of the nature and the location of the wall that they are offering. This is how I create a connection between myself as an artist and the people.

How do you feel about the role of the Internet and social media in making your work more accessible to the public?
Surely it is a useful tool to promote my project and show my work. I have made a lots of connection trough the internet. so before I paint, people can look at my work and already have an idea of what I do… I also enjoy seeing what the street art scene like in other parts of the world. It is amazing to me how every day millions of people in the world come out and paint.

You recently did a small tour in the USA, where did you paint? And how was your experience like?
The excuse to leave my city was an artistic residence in CT. I have managed to paint in New York 5Pointz, New London, New Britain (CCSU) and Boston. This was a great experience because i realized that I can paint everywhere if I want to, so I have decided that I will continue painting and traveling.

What are your views on human rights, racism and injustice?
I think that human beings should try to create a world more open, with tolerance, equality and justice. Art can, in this matter, be a useful weapon to make a better place for generations to come. I believe that we should try to worry more about the planet and the way we live on it.