Three great street art artists, Areuz (Mexico), Guri (Argentina) and Felipe Cespedes (Colombia), got together in the Caribbean part of Mexico to make the most impressive mural that Cancun can be proud of. 11 days of hard work and one of the biggest murals organized by World Art Destination in Cancun is created.

About The Mural

The mural is a tribute to the pre-Hispanic culture. It refers to ancient wisdom, indigenous cosmogony and ancient thinking with the special attention to the characters and symbols.  The corn as the basic of pre-Hispanic culture, the butterfly – as the universe, the bees – as the symbol of fertility – all these elements are mixed up into colorful and imaginative  piece accompanied by the geometrical elements made in the stencil style.

About The Artists

Gonzalo Areuz is one of the best street art artists in Mexico. Originally from Mexico DF, Gonzalo  started to paint from the early years, going from graffiti to murals. For the last six year the artist is dedicated to painting the murals. His colorful works are based on pre-Hispanic elements, legends and myths. The bright colors of folkloric ancient cultures are some of the things that influence a lot on his works and make him one of the most prominent street artists in Mexico.

Guri is the Argentinian street art artist  who is known for his surrealistic visual imagery. Being inspired by  mythology and history, the artist pays a lot of attention  to the  current social  and ecological problems. The artist started painting murals in 2001. Adopting the name Guri (it means boy from Guarnti language) he  transported the viewer through a unique universe of symbolic compositions. His murals can be spotted around the world including Argentina, Colombia, Mexico .

Juan Felipe Cespedes is a Bogota based street art artist.  He studied design in  Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. The artist is a master in stencil. The colorful works of Felipe attract the attention to the urban settings, being simply unbelievable rich in colors with the prominent contrast and attention to the details. Felipe mixes stencil elements and mural art, creating fascinating pieces.

About The Organization

World Art Destinations is an organization  based in Cancun, Mexico that produces and promotes art on the national  and international scale with some of the most engaging artists.  Founded in 2014 WAD transforms the city with new artistic experiences and changes the way how the local people look at public aesthetic discourse and street art making.

Images by Ricardo Acosta

Areuz: facebook | instagram
Guri: facebook | instagram
Felipe Cespedes: facebook | instagram
World Art Destinations: website | facebook | instagram

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