Dj Lethal Skillz:
Is the oldest and most established turntablist in the Arab hip-hop movement. Besides being a world-class DJ he has also distinguished himself as a prolific producer and long-running ambassador for the Arab hip-hop massive.
He has two seminal Arab hip-hop albums to his credit: New World Disorder (2008) and Karmageddon (2012), which features nearly everyone in the Lebanese hip-hop scene past and present and many of Arab hip-hop stalwarts from the region and Diaspora!

Produced by: DJ Lethal Skillz & DJ X-Method (Phonomefodz productionz)
Scratches by: Dj Lethal Skillz

Director: Hadi Syriani
Editor: Mounir Haydamous
VFX: Pierre Khoury
Colorist: Khalil Abourrousse ( Lila Post)
Producer: Francois Monayer
Creative Directors: Pierre Khoury, Mohamed Kabbani, Omar Kabbani

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