Back to School! Art+China

Back to School! Art+China

January 7, 2017
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Back to School! Art+China

Back to School! Art+China

Back to School! Art+China is an art initiative conceived and curated by Seth Globepainter.

The main purpose of this wonderful project is to make it pleasant for pupils living in disadvantaged areas of the country to come back to class.

This year, the initiative saw the participation of many international artists, from July to September, in the creation of murals on the front of school buildings.
Among the artists who have joined the initiative include: Pascal Vilcollet, Aryz, Rodrigo Branco, Inti, Na Wen, Breze, Dino voodoo, Kislow, Andrew Hem, Mono Gonzalez, Stinkfish, Pum Pum, Tinho and Millo.

This initiative also aims to awaken the interest and attention of the Chinese Government on the extreme conditions and lack of infrastructure in rural China.

Back to School! Art+China: instagram

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