Banksy’s residency on the streets of New York comes to an end.

It all began on Oct. 1 when Banksy announced on his website an “artist’s residency” titled “Better Out Than In’” for the whole month of October on the streets of New York City and the other boroughs.

Each day the artist graced us with a new work and was announced online through his website, Instagram, and facebook accounts.

Banksy NYC October 29, 2013One of the highlight stunts is when he surprised one thrift shop by buying a painting for $50, added his signature Nazi soldier (pictured) and donated the painting back to the shop. Which in turn, the shop quickly put the painting up for auction to raise money to support homeless patients affected with HIV/AIDS. A few days later the painting was sold for over $400,000.

The anonymous street artist’s art tour came to a close with his final installation of an inflatable blow-up of Bansky’s name in Queens signing off with this message: “Save 5Pointz”.

Banksy NYC October 31, 2013

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