BK Foxx is a NY-based artist that creates powerful imagery. She’s fuses realism with social awareness about issues which she’s passionate for such as animal rights and wildlife. Recently, she visited the Low Brow Artique in Brooklyn to paint a mural titled ‘Sick,’ a striking image from the Martin Scorsese film Taxi Driver, that also illustrates how gun-violence has affected our nation.  

About the Mural

Sick’ is both relevant to the artists hyper-realistic style and the gun-control problems that face today’s society. It is vital to utilize creative channels to reach and inform the public and BK Foxx does just that with a compelling focal point set to a background transcribing a decade of mass-shootings that occurred in the U.S.. Behind the image of actor Robert De Niro, portrayed in a scene from the 1976 film Taxi Driver by Martin Scorsese there’s a list around him that highlights a far more disturbing issue. To the right are names and places in the U.S. i.e. Orlando (June 16’) and Virginia Tech (April 07’) tagged around him where these tragedies took place, and on the left are the number of causalities that these massacres incurred. It’s an astounding recreation of a movie’s vivid moment that also sends an important public message about the violence that’s affecting our nation

About the Artist

BK Foxx is a street artist that’s passionate about animals and wildlife. She paints massive murals that ambitiously raise awareness on animal treatment and rights. She mainly works on large-scale surfaces and uses spray paint and brush work to portray breath-taking, realistic imagery of creatures and people poised in their natural habitat. She’s a truly kindred spirit to wildlife beings and human equality. Her work engages the viewer to feel and become one with the painted animals, accenting the importance of caring and looking after the ones we share our planet with.

Images by street art Guru @just_a_spectator

Soapbox Moment

Unfortunately, mass shootings in the USA have become a regular occurrence. Since last month alone we have had 3 incidents and around 100 people lost their lives, and only one of the 3 fatal incidents was labeled as a terrorist act.
I am wondering if there is a double standard in this country where in most cases, when the perpetrator is “white”, mental illness or the term “Lone-Wolf” come to play and it’s forgotten in a week.
However, if the perpetrator was non-white and particularly from Muslim descent, the word “terrorist” is immediately applied to, without any hesitation. Meanwhile, when attacks perpetrated against Muslims aren’t treated the same way.

While I condemn ALL mass shootings as acts of terrorism, I feel like we live in a WHITE world and the darker your skin is the harder it gets.
I don’t know what you call that: White Privilege? Propaganda?


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