Blog: ArtUnitedUs kicks off their 2-year project with Rustam QBic’s Mural.

ArtUnitedUs kicks off their 2-year project with Rustam QBic‘s ‘Labyrinth’ in Kiev, Ukraine. The mural depicts a character wearing a crown shaped like a labyrinth over his head who, guided by scarab beetle compass, tries to find a way out of a massive maze of life challenges. The mural reflects on the meaning of this journey, a journey we all undertake at some point in our lives.

ArtUnitedUs is an international project that collaborates through artistic and creative mediums with communities to raise public awareness and attention to the problem of war, aggression and violence. 200 walls will be painted during the next 2 years.

ArtUnitedUs is going to become the biggest ground-breaking urban art project which will unite 200 the best artists through mural art and the promulgation of maintaining peace on Earth, no matter whether that be Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine or Abkhazia. This project is not just about producing a series of walls (murals), but instead, the creation of an entirely new history. As we know, the mural is a tremendous weapon and art will save the world.

ArtUnitedUs is the brainchild of:  

The line up includes 200 world class artists from across the globe, among them:
2501, 2Alas, Aaron Glasson, Aec Interesni Kazki, Add Fuel, Adnate, Agostino Iacurci, Alexei Kondakov, Alexey Luka, Alexis Diaz, Andrew Hem, Ana Marietta, Artem Proot, Aryz, Britcev Alexander, Bik Ismo, Bohdan Burenko, Case McClaim, Cyrcle, DALeast, Deih, Edgar Saner, Elian, Emmanuel Jarus, Ernesto Maranje, Eversiempre, Evoca1, Faith47, Fatum, Fin Dac, Fintan Magee, Franco Fasoli Jaz, Fikos Antonios, Gaia, Grebeniuk, Grino, Guido Van Helten, Herakurt, Hyuro, Ilya Chichkan, Ino, INTI, Jade Rivera, James Bullough, Jonny Alexander, Jura Kanevski, JR, Kenor, Li-Hill, Liqen, Lucy Mclauchlan, Mata Ruda, M-City, MOMO, Moneyless, MTO, Nunca, NeSpoon, Okuda, Os Gemeos, Paola Delfin, Pastel, Phlegm, Reka1, Retna, Ricky Lee Gordon (Freddy Sam), ROA, Rone, Rustam Qbic, Saner, Sasha Kurmaz, Smates, Sebastian Velasco, Saddo Raul, Sego, Senekt, Speto, Sten & Lex, Storaz, Soke, Smitheone, Vero Rivera, Vova Vorotniov, Zio Ziegler, Waone Interesni Kazki… and many others.

To learn more, please visit ArtUnitedUs’ website.

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