British Born, South African Street Artist Sonny just kicked off his Global campaign Project To The Bone with his mural in New York City this week. To The Bone is an art initiative which aims to raise funds and awareness for endangered wildlife before it’s too late. This is Sonny’s first mural in the USA.

About The Mural

With a true passion for wildlife, Sonny believes that the wellbeing of animals is intricately tied to our own ability to thrive. That’s why he’s spent the past year creating a new body of artwork to highlight the extinction crisis we’re currently facing. 

For this mural Sonny chose to paint a Lion, which is a symbol of strength and power, yet classed as a vulnerable species. Lions once roamed most of the globe, but have rapidly decreased in numbers. And still today they are hunted for sport.

About The Project

To The Bone is made up of a canvas series, and hand-painted skull replicas that showcase endangered animals from around the world.

The paintings show the animals’ faces breaking away to reveal the raw skeletons underneath, symbolic of how these beautiful creatures are quickly fading away. Tribal patterns from the animals’ country of origin adorn the exposed bones, driving home the message that in losing them we’re losing a part of our heritage too.

Sonny is on a mission to raise awareness for his cause by painting large-scale street murals in as many places as possible! From big cities to rural villages, Sonny is using his art to enrich communities and to honour these animals that are so important to him.

An exhibition of all original artworks will be held in London – details coming soon!

Do you want to bring a To The Bone mural to your city? Find out how you can sponsor a mural.

Images by John Dominé

Sonny: web | facebook | instagram

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