Calle 13 – Proyecto de Arte MultiViral

“Multiviralizyng Art” is a project organized by the band Calle 13, an urban alternative band founded in Puerto Rico in 2005 by René Pérez Joglar (“Residente”) and Eduardo Cabra Martínez (“Visitante”). This is by far the best urban music band of the island. The band has won a total of 19 Latin Grammy Awards and 2 Grammy Awards, breaking the record for most wins as a group in the history of the Latin Grammy Awards.

During the last few months, over a dozen internationally acclaimed artists, among these INTI, EVER, ALEXIS DIAZ,  FINTAN MAGEE, ELLIOT TUPAC, El Decertor and LNY have been working with the band and Streetartnews to create art in all forms and spaces using the word Multiviral as a starting point.

Their objective is to open new spaces for artists around the world.  Through their artwork, whether it is renowned or not, Calle 13 aims to redefine originality and find the inspiration and motivation to continue creating.


Alexis Díaz – Puerto Rico
Rabindranat Díaz – Puerto Rico
Miguel Luciano – New York
LNY – New Jersey
Dominique Falla – Australia
Fintan Magee – Australia
Decertor/Elliot Tupac – Perú
Imarginal – Brasil
INTI – Chile
Yasmina Jacinto – Islas Canarias
Ever – Argentina
Ricardo Liniers – Argentina

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