Case Maclaim in Jacksonville, Florida

With a mission to establish the urban core as a nationally-recognized Art District, Art (Re)Public handpicked each of the 13 walls for the 2016 mural collection adopting ‘Modern City of Dreams’ as a curational theme, inspired by Jacksonville’s golden age. German artist, Case Maclaim was the first to arrive in Jacksonville, Florida and work on his brilliant mural.

About the Mural
Case’s mural features hands holding stacks of books, one bearing the title “Story of 100 years”, a nod to the wall’s neighboring buildings, as well as Jacksonville’s rich history as an arts and cultural capital. Other titles include Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations and Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet, possibly to suggest the potential for a creative awakening in our city.


case_maclaim-in-jacksonville-2About the Artist
Case also known as Andreas von Chrzanowski is a German artist based in Frankfurt. He started on the graffiti scene in 1995. He one of four members of the Maclaim Crew, founded in the year 2000.
Case is known for his photorealistic images of body forms and portraits, and is considered as one of the most innovative young artists and a pioneer in the street art movement. He painted murals all over the USA, Mexico, Canary Island, Russia and in parts of Europe…

About Art (Re)Public
Founded and curated by Jessica Santiago in conjunction with Iryna KanishchevaArt (Re)Public is Jacksonville’s first international art and mural expo that aims to establish a nationally-recognized Art District that will unify the community, elevate the creative spirit and raise the consciousness of the city through the universal language of art.

All images © Iryna Kanishcheva

Case Maclaim

Art (Re)Public

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