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Interview: Mohamed L’ghacham

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Interview with Sebas Velasco

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Honest And Candid Interview With Dulk

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Christian Guémy Aka C215, is a stencil artist based in Vitry-Sur-Sein, a commune in the southeastern suburbs of Paris, France. He began spray painting in 2005 and since then he traveled the world painting the streets with his intricate portraits, and colorful and distinctive style. Street Art United States (SAUS) was lucky enough to score …


Icy and Sot are stencil artists from Tabriz, Iran. the two brothers started painting the streets as early as 2006, and they influenced and dragged their friends to street art. Their work is about peace, war, love, ahte, hope, despair, children, human rights, and the Iranian culture. The two artists have held numerous exhibitions and …


A visual artist from Rome who works as an illustrator, set designer, and painter. Alice’s preferred canvases are city walls and she’s traveled widely in the past few years to bring her artwork to life on the streets of different cities across the globe. In March of 2013, while Alice was traveling the United States, …


A Visual artist & surfer, hailing from Dublin, Ireland, whose main objective is to create something an individual can connect with on a personal level. The main influence of the artist’s artwork is the fragility, and strength, of that flickering light of Hope we experience during even the darkest moments along our journey in life. …


Born in 1986, A graduate of Fine Arts in Lodz, poland, Natalia Rak has been passionate about painting for the last 10 years. associated with street art for 2 years now. She Participated in several group exhibitions in Poland, to name a couple:First Streetart Auction in Poland, Rempex Gallery in Warsaw. She mainly paints faces …


Two best friends that gave up all their material possessions to live a true gypsy life on the road. Justin Vallee and Jeremiah Taylor make up artist duo. They have been globe trotting, on tour for 2 years, painting murals, experiencing new cities. Living full time in a small camper (Shasta) made in the 60s, …