Crystal Wagner in Lodz

American artist Crystal Wagner just finished working on a large-scale installation entitled “Hyperbolic” in Lodz (Poland), for the UNIQA Art Łódź project, curated by Michał Bieżyński.

crystal-wagnerAbout the Artist
Crystal Wagner, creates large-scale art installations in galleries and in public spaces. Her works, usually, are designed and prepared specifically for a particular place. Wagner aims to transform spaces into unreal and multicolor “worlds”. In her installations she usually incorporates the different elements of architecture and street infrastructure. Wagner uses the everyday textile and synthetic materials to create her amorphous, organic structures.

About the Installation
For the main fundamentals of Lodz’s installation the artist used a very thin, metal, “chicken wire” and together with the students of Lodz’s Academy of Fine Arts, she wrapped them with a light, UV and water proof Ripstop material, which is used on professional kites. Her Lodz’s installation has a site specific character, so Wagner is adjusting her work to the architectural and structural compositions  of the building.
Crystal said: “Hyperbolic is a wild exterior growth that wraps around the art nouveau façade of a 100 year old building in Lodz, Poland. I am interested in the dialog between architecture and organic forms and structures found in nature. It is a hybrid born of the modern and exotic landscapes that investigates through juxtaposition and context our relationship with our cultivated spaces/structures and our relationship with the natural world”.

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About the Location
Piotrkowska street (the city center of Lodz) is the perfect location for such beautiful installation, as the “art nouveau” style and grey color of the façade, seem to be a perfect background for highlighting the vibrant colors of such a great piece of art. The installation is planned to stay up for the next 3 months, till the mid December.

About the Project
UNIQA Art Łódź is an international arts project in the public space of Łódź. State-of-the-art objects will become temporary or permanent parts of the cityscape. The project will move away from standard murals to construct an urban art gallery which will not consist of paintings only. 6 works by street artists from Poland, Spain and the US, among other countries, will come into being by the end of 2016.
– ETAM CRU | ROBERT PROCH (Poland) – mural
– ALICIA MARTIN (Spain) – public art installation out of books
– CRYSTAL WAGNER (USA) – public art installation
– CHAZME | TOMASZ GÓRNICKI (Poland) –  metal sculpture on the wall
– LUMP (Poland) – public art installations
– MONA TUSZ (Poland) – mural with ceramics, glass and mirrors

More info and photos:

Michał Bieżyński – Art Director of UNIQA Art Łódź Project

Organizer: Łódzkie Centrum Wydarzeń
Technical Partner: RIWAL Poland
Photos: Maciej Stempij

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