English born, Berlin based artist David Walker completed a beautiful mural last month in Lieusaint, south of Paris. This is the first mural of an ongoing project called Wall Street Art, with Gautier Jourdain as the artistic director, who is also the artistic director of LE MUR Oberkampf and the co-founder of  Galerie Mathgoth.

About the Mural

The mural is the portrait of a young woman called YULI. This mural is painted in Lieusaint which is part of the Seine et Marne department in the Île-de-France region in north-central France.

David Walker is known for his big scale and colorful female portraits that border on surrealism. And as usual with his work, this mural is as vibrant as ever, using only spray paint. This is not the first time that David Walker and Galerie Mathgoth had worked together, it seems they have an ongoing collaboration, as Galerie Mathgoth has invited David to pint a few murals in France, and hosted a few shows for David in their Gallery.

About The Project

The street art festival of “Evry centre Essonne”  started in 2015 and welcomed about  fifty artists in the six cities of the conurbation. The cluster of municipalities has grown from 6 to include 24 municipalities and is now called GRAND PARIS SUD and the street art Festival has undergone some changes and has a new name, “Wall Street Art“.

After David Walker, this project will host a slew of talented and renowned street artist including ECB, Case Maclaim, Fintan Magee, C215, Astro and many others. So be sure to keep an eye out.

David Walker: web | facebook | instagram
Wall Street Art: facebook | instagram | twitter

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