Dima Fatum for Dubai Canvas 3D art festival 2017.

Street artist Dima Fatum from Ukraine was invited to a 3D Art Festival in Dubai called Dubai Canvas where he painted an optical illusion entitled ‘International peace is absolute happiness’.

About The Mural 

The artist’s artwork is a 3D composition encoding the global symbol of Peace. The basic idea of the composition is an image of absolute happiness that should prevail in our world where people live in peace and harmony. To represents peace, Dima Fatum painted children’s toys – the representation of children’s happiness – from around the world. According to the artist, kids do not have the idea of fighting against each other. They do not divide people into the rich and the poor, the beautiful and the ugly, the white and the coloured. In this respect, the painting is very symbolical for Dubai which is after all the most international city in the world, known for its policy of tolerance.

Children’s toys represent different countries : an English Teddy bear, an American Barbie doll, an Indian elephant, a Russian Matryoshka nesting doll, a Ukrainian Motanka doll, a Swedish Dalecarlian horse, a Japanese Kokeshi, a Norwegian troll, a Native American kachina, a German Nutcracker, an Italian Pinocchio, a Mexican painted pumpkin, and naturally, a wooden Arabic nesting doll…. In the foreground one can notice the Japanese symbol of happiness, an origami crane with the word ‘happiness’ written in different languages. The painting also depicts the national symbols of the United Arab Emirates : a soaring falcon and the Burj Al Arab hotel in the background.

As the author explains, in this artwork the viewers will see not only expressions of Happiness and Peace, but will also find associations that will take them back to their own childhood wherever they come from.

About The Festival 

The third edition of Dubai Canvas, a public 3D art festival organised by Brand Dubai opened on March 1 and will run until March 7 in City Walk. 25 international artists participate in the events, among them the world’s most accomplished 3D artists like Odeith, Mr. Kas or Kobra, along with EAU’s most talented young artists. City Walk is currently being transformed into an open air canvas for the artists to create their works and make art more accessible to a wider audience. The week-long event is free to attend for the public.

About The Artist 

Dima Fatum was born in Kiev, Ukraine. He is an activist in street art and an experimenter in different artistic styles and genres. He began painting in the streets in 2000 using ‘wild style’ and regularly went on night adventures with his friend from FAT315 crew. Dima Fatum graduated from art school and after a decade of street practice, he began exposing his works in the gallery space.

Dima Fatum: web | facebook | tumblr | instagram
Dubai Canvas: web

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