Dourone in Kiev

In their quest to make this world a better place, ArtUnitedUs relied on DOURONE’s participation to create his tallest mural ever with a 14 floors high in Kiev, Ukraine.

About the Mural
Entitled FRATERNITY, the mural is about brotherhood highlighting three important values: RESPECT, FREEDOM and DIVERSITY. The mural talks about human relationship, sharing moments and ideas, being helpful and respectful to the others. Dourone said: “In our societies respect, freedom and diversity are being erased by other aspects, like individualism and selfishness. Fraternity is not only for families, we can all be supportive in every situation of our life and treat others as we would like to be treated.”

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About the artist
Fabio Lopez aka DOURONE is a self-taught illustrator. His career began in 1999 in Madrid where he painted shops facades and interiors.

From digital to traditional tools, Dourone explores a multitude of mediums to create his artworks.
In 2012, he started working with Elodieloll forming a team and living in several countries. Their works can be seen all over Europe, Israel and the USA among other places.

About the Project
ArtUnitedUs is an international project that collaborates through artistic and creative mediums with communities to raise public awareness and attention to the problem of war, aggression and violence. The project started in Kiev, Ukraine in the beginning of the year, is planning to complete 200 walls during the next 2 years through out the world and without boundaries.


Art United Us

photos by: Elodie Arshak 
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