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Whether you call him Earth Crusher, Dré or simply Marc-André, for his friends, this man is one of the must-know artists on the Montreal scene.

Earth Crusher is a character.  An immoral character created by the Montréal artist Dré. A pure invention. It represents the unscrupulous capitalist, shameless, imbued with itself, for whom the EARTH represents a quasi-stock investment.

I got the name Earth Crusher from the song Earthcrusher by Mr. Lif

Through this character, the artist creates pieces  to make people think about social and economic problems like the exploitation of man by man, the slavery, the wild development, the deforestation, the tobacco prodution and the list goes on.

Downtown Montreal for @ashopcrew 2017 ©Earth Crusher

” I think Marc-Crusher took a machine back in time straight from the 50’s. He has come to spy on what has happened since to better conquer the world when he will return to his time. The environment of our time is far more stimulating for the capitalist robot that he is. ” – Dodo Ose

He started painting in 2003 on highways, tracksides and trains in the west neighbourhoods of Montreal. First with his friend Eric Clement who was writing “Syphs” and their friends Russ Jamz and Dekoy from the hip-hop style music band called Side C for which the artist was the drummer. Seaside stroll by Side C . He started painting freights with Hemp, Himz, Nus2, and Hazeo.I was always into art as a child so when I met people who were painting with spray paint, I had to try it. – Marc-André

Then he mets Five Eight (or Five8) and since, they’ve continued painting together.

Collaboration with Five8 / Plateau Mt-Royal ©Nickie Robinson

My biggest influences are American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis, Propaganda by Ed Bernays, Wall Street (the movie), They Live (another movie) and The Kids In The Hall.

But the man is far from his creation. He is highly loved and respected by his peers.

ArtGang MTL 2016 ©Nickie Robinson

” Earth Crusher is the perfect alter ego of my friend Dré. Without consideration, destructive, colonizing and inhuman. The very opposite of the human behind the character. I think the creation of Earth Crusher is genius. Using a form of sarcasm greater than nature, his creator succeeds in creating a majestic universe in which mixes a unique aesthetic and a very inspiring social criticism  ” – Monk.e

” He is a superior illustrator and has the best handstyles in the game. It seems that he excels at everything he touches; painting, drawing, hockey, target shooting, tinder, frisbee. There’s nothing this young man does that he doesnt absolutely slay. ” – Five8

” He is pretty much my favourite person. He’s super reliable and loyal to his friends. On top of that, he has a great sense of humour and is a real pleasure to be around and paint with. He loves cracking open a cold one with the boys. ” – Five8

The artist has 4 solo show to his credit. His last, in March 2016, at Artgang Montreal, and it was a great success: “The Chosen One Percent

Through the years, the artist collaborated with many of the main actors in the Montreal scene, such as A’Shop  and as a muralist, he has participated in many collective shows as numerous public art events and festivals in Canada.

Chromatik 2015- Earth Crusher & Jason Botkin ©Nickie Robinson
Mural festival 2015 ©Nickie Robinson

” For me, Earthcrusher is equal parts writer, sign painter and illustrator. Lines flow powerful, confident and bold from the can in this hand…works that instantly commands graphic attention, deeply conceptual, and with tremendous tongue in cheek, always poking at the angry hive of mainstream media blindness . “  – Jason Botkin  (co-director of En Masse project)

Mural festival 2015 (deforestation detail) ©Nickie Robinson

” I am always attracted by the work of this artist. His exterior creations, whether mural, graffiti or simply tag, are beautifully executed in a style that is undeniably clean. I especially appreciate his work in gallery .  Thanks to the finesse of his technique, his work teleports us into the commercial illustrations of the 1950s, at a time when advertisements were painted and life seemed full of the best promises. It is precisely this that fascinates me in its work: its ability to juxtapose current issues in a retro context, to simulate the glorification of power and governmental control by using the stereotype of the happy North American family as a backdrop . ” – André Bathalon (co-founders of Mural festival.)

Under Pressure 2015 with Five8 & Skor ©Nickie Robinson
Under Pressure 2013 – as Dré with Five8 ©Nickie Robinson

” He’s a very shy and quiet person, very talented, humble. he has definitely created a brand around the Earth Crusher character.” Sterling Downey (co-founder of the Under Pressure Graffiti festival).

Painting isn’t all about the final work, it’s the experience creating it and who you spent that time with that makes it worth while.

Amalgam festival 2013 – as Dré / Earth Crusher with Five8 ©Nickie Robinson

Special thanks to  André Bathalon, Dodo Ose,  Five8, Jason Botkin, Monk.e, Sterling Downey and all friends , for their help in writing this article…

***  The original article was published in English at If Walls Could Talk MTL and in French in Beware!

Earth Crusher: website | facebook | instagram

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