Spanish muralist and multimedia artist Elbi Elem transformed an education center into a work of art for Més Que Murs Festival in Port of Sagunto, Valencia, Spain.

About The Mural

The mural, entitled ‘Sense’ is clearly representative of Elbi Elem’s art as it represents a dynamic and complex structure made of curves and straight lines using different colors. The 3D composition reflects the artist’s obsession with motion and balance.

The colors of the adjacent buildings were taken into account to create an anamorphic perspective. When observing the mural from a certain point, it completely seems to blend in the other building. She also wanted to integrate the mural to its environment, using geometric figures matching the urban furniture. Abstraction is once again involved in a game of perspectives.

About The Artist

Elbi Elem, until recently known as ‘Labuenaylamala’, lives and works in Barcelona. She started making kinetic sculpture in 2002. She is specialized in what we can call ‘abstract nature’ with a clear interest in the creation, the movement and the volume of forms in space. She works with a large variety of materials and uses architecture and urban landscapes as a great source of inspiration. Elbi Elem uses 3D installations to make visual effects and create a new work out of their own projections.

About Més Que Murs Festival

This urban art festival is an annual event held by the Valencia Council representing all street art disciplines through various interventions and exhibitions. Among the artists present this year were Elbi Elem, Manolo Mesa, Jose Mendez, Btoy and Disneylexia.

Elbi Elem: web | facebook | instagram

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