Interview: Eoin (artbyeoin)

A Visual artist & surfer, hailing from Dublin, Ireland, whose main objective is to create something an individual can connect with on a personal level. The main influence of the artist’s artwork is the fragility, and strength, of that flickering light of Hope we experience during even the darkest moments along our journey in life. What drives Eoin, is the small glimmer of light that is sometimes so far out of reach. His aim is to bring people to that solemn, positive moment, when we reflect and dream.

Street Art United States (SAUS) had the opportunity to have a little chat with this up and coming artist.

Who is Eoin?
Eoin is boring!

Do you have a formal arts education?
Yes, I have an Hons Degree in Fine art sculpture but after finishing up with College I started painting. I will eventually come back around to practicing sculpture. The physical space it engages interests me hugely!

Where do you work, what city?
I’m currently based in Dublin, Ireland but prior to last winter I had been living over on the West Coast for around 5 years in a town called Lahinch, near the Cliffs of Moher.

What inspires you?
I always struggle to put it down in words what inspires me but my main influence would be simply the path that I have chosen and the journey and events that have happened along the way. The knowing that everything will work out no matter how dark it gets is something that I feel prevalent in my work.

Who are your favorite classic artists and from what era and why?
Some of my favourite artists would be the Romanticists and Abstract Expressionists. Romanticists such as Caspar David Friedrich and Delacroix. I love the use of light and the foreboding feeling of the sublime to a lot of their work. I also love the Abstract Expressionists such as Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. Having finally seen their work in person while I was in Australia, it is fully engaging, as if everything else in the gallery space goes dark and you fall deep into the artwork! True masters of light and energy!

Are there any artists who particularly inspire you?
Again the abstract expressionists would be a big inspiration for where I feel the direction of my work is going.

What was your most memorable “street art” experience?
Jeeze that is tough! I would probably put it down to painting on the full moon in Hawaii last December, all I’ll say is that there are some funky things going on on those Islands! Great experience!

Have you collaborated with other street artists?
I have worked with a good few street artists and graffiti writers yeah. I love doing collaborations, especially with writers as their knowledge of letter forms and angles that they can use to contrast my work is great! The guys I have worked with also have a huge knowledge of their art form and have seen it all, there’s usually some great stories to take in.

Have you participated in any street art festivals or special events?
Last year I took part in a few events around Ireland but I am planning on doing a lot more this year with the first being a show I’m having in Athens, Greece with the DesignWars team in April.

Do you have any favorite surfaces?
I don’t have so much a “favourite surface” more a favourite setting. For a lot of the personal outdoor work that I do, I pick very scenic and abandoned sites to do my work. I think what appeals to me about these spots is that it is a very personal message I am portraying and the fact that not many people will ever stumble across the artwork means that it remains that way. The people that do find the work will be faced with an image that will confront them willingly or not and draw a feeling within themselves.

What percentage of your time is devoted to art?
Pretty much all of it really! If I’m not physically painting, I’m thinking about the pieces I’m working on. If I have a wall or a trip coming up I am usually spinning ideas and images around in my head while getting them down on paper. I give up alcohol for extended times of the year to keep my mind fresh and focused, I find it one of the most productive aspects of my work. So if I’m out socializing, shopping, driving, eating etc. I usually drift off into thinking about images and brush strokes or directions of the future. I cant really escape it and wouldn’t change it.

Have you painted in the USA? If not, when are you planing a trip stateside?
I have painted in the US yes, I had a trip to Hawaii last winter for a month where I hooked up with the 9th Wave Gallery, which was amazing! They’re running a series of Limited Edition prints of the pieces I created on the trip. I have also just booked my flights for a short trip over to New York in June – I’m working on getting some walls to paint while I’m out there so fingers crossed!

In your opinion, how has street art changed? Is it still a revolutionary act?
Well as I’m new to the game I cant really say what it used to be like but I do know it is definitely become more accepted by the wider audience and isn’t seen as such the form of vandalism it once was. I think it has become a more recognized art form now than a revolutionary act. People go around taking photos of ‘street art’ statements now that would have once been purely meant as political or anarchistic messages. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

How do you feel about the role of the Internet in all of this?
I think the internet is mainly where street art actually exists now. If there is a piece of art completed and documented on the walls. Once it is uploaded to the internet it flies to all corners of the globe. Regardless of whether someone comes along and buffs it out or paints over it, that image and piece of artwork still lives in digital form for people to enjoy. Obviously it will never be as powerful or moving as seeing a piece of artwork in person but it definitely opens it up to a hugely wider audience.

Do you have a message in your art?
I do have a reason why I do what I do, but I much rather leave it up to each individual to interpret the artwork in whatever way they see it. Much in the way that an author lets you build the characters from a book in your own mind and a film director tells you how to see them – I would rather be the author!

What are your views on human rights, racism and injustice?
Where do you start!?!

What are your plans for the near future?
Near future – well this year I plan on painting a hell of a lot outdoors and upping my game, having my show in Athens, I’m also in talks for a show in Dublin, and possibly Amsterdam. Painting at a bunch of events around Ireland and the UK. Flying over and painting in NYC and aiming for another trip over to Australia and maybe Hawaii over next winter. So basically my plan is to remain very busy and focused.

If you have one wish, what would that be?
To wish for unlimited wishes for my close family and friends!!

What do you see yourself doing in the next five years?
I would like to see myself continuing to develop my studio work to the areas that I want to explore. Continue bringing the gap between my studio and outdoor work closer together, to work more in oils rather than acrylic on much larger canvasses and paint and exhibit a lot more overseas!

Many thanks to Eoin for taking the time to answer questions have no doubt been asked before. Best of luck for the future from Street Art United States and keep us posted when you come across the Atlantic.

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