Fabio Petani collaborates with Paolo Psyko to realize a mural in Camposanto (MO) for the 2017 edition of the Quadricromie Festival 

About the Mural

The wall is in a small comune (Camposanto) in the Province of Modena  in northern Italy. It is a collaboration between Fabio Petani and Paolo Psyko for Quadricromie festival, 2017.

Fabio studied and realized the composition around the yellow birds, which were realized by Paolo Psyko. The plants and the sulfate are chemical elements typical of Modena’s underground settings. These same elements along with the birds are also typical of America and have the yellow color in common. As for the light blue, it is the color of the flames created when the Sulfur burns.

About the Artists

Fabio Petani is an Italian artist born in 1987. After having obtained the scientific high school degree, he receives an M.A. in Cultural Heritage (Faculty of Humanities) from the University of Turin, with an M.A. thesis on Urban Art and the street culture from the origins to this day. This kind of investigation brings him closer to the art scene of Turin.

His works are characterized by a disarranged harmony of lines, shapes and volumes, which complement each other through the use of faint and harmonious colors, blended into breaking elements. His research analyzes the chemical and molecular aspects of objects giving rise to a lengthy operation of reconstruction of the elements in the periodic table. Each chemical element, just like each plant, is somehow connected to the environment, the space or the context in which the wall is made.

The importance of the connection between work and context is evoked also by his works on wood, paper and other alternative materials. It is through the employment of such materials that Fabio Petani tries to get carried away by the matter, aiming at ending the periodic table with a cluster of artworks able to tell a story about the alchemy between art, chemistry and nature.

Paolo Psiko was born in 1982, Torino, Italy. He is a muralist painter, who lives and works in Ferrara, Italy since 2008. In recent years, Psiko’s work mixes pixel-art, glitching and splitting the image.

About the project

The Quadricromie Street Art Festival started in 2009 in Camposanto, a small town midway between Bologna and Modena in northern Italy. The project is self-financed and coordinated by the Association Fermata 23, a group of young people aiming to promote music, culture and art. Thanks to the support of many local sponsors and institutional partners, the festival reached in 2017 its seventh edition. Since its inception, Quadricromie has hosted many well-known Italian street artists that painted several different walls in the town.

Fabio Petani: website | facebook | instagram
Paolo Psiko: facebook

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