Australian artist Fintan Magee just completed his latest installment a few days ago in Saarbrücken, Germany. This mural is part of an Urban Art project called Artwalk – Saarbrücken taking place in the inner city of Saarbrucken, under the artistic direction of the Saarbrücken gallery owners Patrick Jungfleisch (Reso) and Benjamin Knur.

About The Mural

The Australian artist drew his inspiration to the mural “Boyhood” during his trip to Lebanon, and it’s based on a photo that Fintan Magee took of a boy playing with a bow and arrow in the streets of Beirut. Magee wanted to highlight the extraordinary and the beauty of the everyday life, which is why the artist prefers to portray people in mundane situations and in everyday life situations. As in most of his murals the artist deals with the site-specifics in a brilliant way: the boy from Beirut was replaced by a teenager from Saarbrücken, the city where the mural is located – but not without setting up another photo session with the local boy or ‘model‘ holding a real bow and arrow in different poses.

About The Artist

Fintan Magee is an Australian street artist known for his murals throughout Australia and the world. Born in Lismore, New South Wales, he grew up in Brisbane, gaining a reputation as a graffiti writer before obtaining a fine arts degree and relocating to Sydney.
His work often deals with environmental issues, in 2015 his solo show at Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne was themed around his own personal experiences in the 2011 Brisbane floods. He often uses personal stories to talk about broader issues like climate change and the migrant crisis.
He received national acclaim for his mural depicting Felix Baumgartner in Brisbane, and has participated in various public art festivals in Australia and abroad.

About The Project

“ArtWalk – Museum der Zukunft” (ArtWalk – Museum of the Future) is the name of a Urban Art project in the inner city of Saarbrücken, which will be presented for the first time during the “Colors of Pop” festival in October 2017.

Under the artistic direction of the Saarbrücken gallery owners Patrick Jungfleisch (Reso) and Benjamin Knur, several large wall façades in highly frequented city districts as well as less well-known locations in Saarbrücken have been realized since April 2017 by internationally renowned street artists from Germany, France, Spain, Great Britain, Australia, Switzerland, Russia and the USA. These murals will serve as a permanent open-air museum with the aim of contributing as a new tourist attraction to the cityscape of Saarbrücken.

Organizer of the ArtWalk is the Ministry of Education and Culture within the interreg project “Digitale Steine ​​/ Pierre Numériques”.

Special thanks to Nina Reinhardt for the info and pictures.
Images by Holger Kiefer

Fintan Magee:  web | facebook | instagram
Artwalk Saarbrücken : website | facebook | instagram

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