Fumero is known for his visual approach with different shapes, imagery and color palettes to make what now is his own distinctive, bold and uninhibited style. Along with an educational background from The School of Visual Arts in NYC, where he earned his B.F.A he also embodies the evolution of late 20th century post graffiti art culture. His work can be seen in galleries and on city streets all over the world.  In 2010 he coined the term ‘Grafstract’ which is the mechanics of Fumeroism; a unique fusion of graffiti, fine art and abstract elements.

Now, his style progressed into becoming the title of his upcoming solo show premiering this Thursday, October 26th from 6-9 pm at The Storefront Gallery in the lower east side at 70 Orchard Street.

Grafstract by Fumero will showcase a collection of Fumero’s work that uses an array of media to express his approach to fine art and illustration. It also features a special public debut of a new 3-dimensional installation called ‘Grafstraction’. The exhibit is a visual metaphor that describes a life-long journey of exploration that ultimately evolved from graffiti into what the artist describes as ‘Grafstract’ or the ism in Fumeroism. A wonderful added bonus to the show is that the 1st 100 attendees will receive a limited-edition print signed by the artist.

Despite Fumero’s busy schedule, including preparing for the opening of his solo show, he answered a few questions to give us some insight as to what we can expect.

Hi Fumero, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for the SAUS Interview Series. Is ‘Grafstract’ your first solo show? If so, why did you decide to premiere it in NYC?

This is my second solo show, the first one was back in 2011 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  New York City is my home and the Lower East Side in Manhattan is where I have a few murals, some more wheat paste art and many more stickers all over the neighborhood thus making it the perfect neighborhood to have my solo show.

What can we expect from Grafstract by Fumero? For fans that admire your work and have followed you for years…. what’s something new or interesting they might want to learn, or get excited about with this show?

The public can expect to see my “twin towers” of Fumeroism, The Table Series Logo and The Grampa because these are iconic NYC street art images that people have been seeing since 2006. There will be a variety of subject matter on exhibition from objective to non- objective compositions. Attendees will be able to visually taste the rainbow with my will be my myriad of flavorful colors. The show will not only feature 2-d art but I am introducing my latest 3-D Grafstraction sculptures for the first time to the public. There will also be another layer to the show but that is a surprise that will be at 7:30 PM.

Was there a specific piece in this collection that was more challenging to create? Or that you’re particularly proud of?

I am proud of all the pieces I created in only 3 months’ time, but one of my favorite is hanging in the window and just as the flyer does, it speaks volumes.  This piece and a few others took the longest to create and what you see was all made by hand because although I am a new era artist with an innovative style, I am a traditional artist in the sense that I use paint and a brush on canvas and enjoy creating scenery, portraits, abstract designs because I like to change it up.  Grafstract by Fumero will be a variety show giving the public a little taste of the Fumeroism flavor.

After people see the exhibit, what do you hope they’ll feel or say?

I believe people will say it was different, and realize it was a lot of hard work.

Grafstract by Fumero
Solo Show by Fumero
Thursday, October 26th
6:00pm – 9:00pm
Gallery Hours: 1-6pm Closed Monday
Show Ends November 26th

The Store Front Project
70 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002

Fumeroism.com: website | instagram | facebook
The Store Front Project: website | instagram | facebook

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