The art installation Get off, Łódź Fabryczna (Poland) that Polish Artist Piotr Janowski especially designed on the occasion of the opening of the new Train Station Łódź Fabryczna, is a reflection about the turbulent history of the city and its bright future.

About The Project

The impressive steam locomotive Px 48, built 1953 in Poland, is 13 meters long and 20 tons heavy and Janowski fully covered it with aluminum thin foil. It is presented just right in front of the main building of the train station in the heart of the city’s new center. This artistic transformation symbolizes the continuation of a long inseparable history of the city and should highlight the development into a prosperous and great future of Łódź.

“It is very important for me to involve the urban and the natural environment into my art and to open new perspectives. Aluminum as a medium gives me the chance to gain great depth and vibrations of colors and tones mirroring the surrounding space”, says artist Piotr Janowski.

This art project seeks to achieve qualities that are not common for existing public places, such as train stations and will become a new highlight for the everyday commuter. From the very beginning it produces unique and often surprising results and transforms common objects into something unexpected that creates astonishing new experiences.

Janowski aims to highlight the beauty of his surroundings. The meticulously applied and highly reflective medium invites the viewer to explore every little detail of the surface. It does this mainly by exceptionally strong reflectance at sharp angles, and an unpredictable, scrambled appearance of colors and light temperatures coming in from the surrounding environment. Paradoxically, it is revealing through concealing.

About The Artist

Piotr Janowski made international headlines after creating a large-scale installation “402 Ashland Ave” applying aluminum foil on a whole house in Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA. Using thin foil, Janowski wrapped every inch of his bungalow and driveway, as well as the land’s surrounding palm trees, where he also showed abstract sculptures.

Born in Lodz, Poland, Janowski, is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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