Italian artist Gio Pistone recently finished an artist residency for Campidarte, in Sardinia, Italy, where she painted a new mural and a big site-specific installation.

About The Project

Entitled “Su Malloru” (“The Bull” in local dialect) , the artist residency of Gio Pistone in Sardinia, is inspired by Greek mythology and local traditions. Sardinia is an island in Italy which has old origins and customs that are preserved in popular celebration and folklore. The artist makes connections between the two spheres taking the cue from the Minotaur and Dionysus and arriving to concepts like instinct, irrational and poetry.

During the residency Gio Pistone painted a new colorful mural entitled “Infinito Universo” (Infinite universe) that depicts the lunar phases, a symbol of infinite cyclicity as well as the phoenix that dies and born again, the Ouroboros snake, and the horse that is infinite in shape, and the other solar systems mentioned.

Meanwhile the artist created a three meter high installation: a big bull head, empty inside, in which spectators can enter and watch, through the holes in the eyes, the Nature and the mural. It is like an observatory to the universe.

For the public presentation of the artist residency, Gio Pistone also created a performance with some people wearing bull masks in their head. The route started from the large installation to the mural where a group of musicians concluded with electronic experimentation.

About The Artist

Giovanna Pistone aka Gio Pistone is an illustrator and street artist based in Rome, Italy. In her colorful artworks, she creates a surreal universe populated by gently monstrous creatures. These unusual atmosphere and weird characters came from her love of animals, nature and books of mystery and surreal worlds. Gio Pistone has the ability to blend colors managing to make harmonic tones. She didn’t limit herself to only one art, as she tries to work on more perceptive levels: music, painting, sculpture, writing, video and murals.

About Campidarte

Campidarte is the name of the project  created by three interior designers which have begun refurbishing four shed sites in the Sardinian Countryside. The project, in its most extensive evolution, includes areas dedicated to artists residencies, and a laboratory for the production of home and furnishing products. All this in close contact with nature and giving way to different activities to mingle with each other.

Images by Alessio Cois and Fabio Costantino Macis.

Gio Pistone: webfacebook | instagram
Campidarte: web | facebook

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