Giulio Vesprini paints in an Old Italian Prison Camp

Italian street artist Giulio Vesprini just sent a few images of his latest mural ‘Cerchio G21’ painted for the “Prison Camp PG 70”, Oltre Conceria Project in Fermo, Italy, that intends to bring life to old abandoned industry sites and transform them into multipurpose community centers.

Giulio VespriniWith a background in architecture and graphic design, Vesprini’s work successfully merges both worlds giving shape to what he calls ‘Archigrafia’. His work is often composed by two main elements: geometry and abstract shapes, and botanical elements. These botanical elements, often wild flowers, symbolize the strength of nature and its ability to prevail and regain what once was lost.

For ‘Cerchio G21’, Vesprini chooses the image of the poppy, not only a common weed in Europe and the official symbol of Remembrance Day, but also a symbol of rebirth, just like the surrounding buildings of this mural.
source: Urbanite

Cerchio G21 3 Cerchio G21 5 Cerchio G21 2

Giulio Vesprini

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