HERAKUT in Paris

Herakut was invited earlier this month by Galerie Mathgoth to paint their first mural in Paris, dedicated to kids.

herakut-in-paris-photo-by-unoeilquitraine-fr-copyAbout the mural
On the mural, one can read inscriptions in French (‘Ce message est pour les enfants…’) which means in English ‘This message goes out to the kids: even though these times make it hard to see, magic does exist (we have seen it)’

The mural was wisely painted on the corner of an elementary school and very close from a high school, so that it could directly address children on their way to school.

They created this wall to support above all the children who have witnessed the terror attacks of Paris, as a reminder that humans (no matter what age) can spread magic around them. They just have to believe in magic and they will see it. The colors blue, white and red, symbol of France, reinforce Herakut’s support to French kids after the attacks. The mural is located 24 rue Goscinny in the 13th district of Paris, home of Paris street art.


About the Artists
Herakut is an artistic duo from Germany composed by Akut and Hera. They have been collaborating since 2004 on global art projects. Their work has the ability to transport the viewer to imaginary worlds. Hera is specialized in the character’s shape and proportions and Akut adds photorealistic elements. And the result is a unique signature characterized by magic, melancholy and storytelling. They massively contributed in Germany, but also abroad (Brazil, Jordan, USA, Canada, Australia, UK…)

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