French artist Hopare‘s new mural is one of a kind! On the occasion of the Festival Street Art on the Roc, Hopare painted for the first time directly on a rock of a former quarry located in Villars-Fontaine. Hopare’s huge creation pays tribute to the French region Burgundy in a sensual way.

About the mural

Hopare’s mural depicts a woman holding a bunch of grapes close to her mouth. The whole composition is an illustration of Paris-based rapper Georgio’s song entitled “L’or de sa vapeur rouge” (meaning ‘ The gold of its red scent ‘) The lyrics relate the power of wine on men, making them feel stronger and more confident. The lines of the verse that appear at the bottom of the mural pay homage to Burgundy region, a place extremely famous for its wine culture.

Human portrait and geometry are one more time in the heart of Hopare’s art. This time, geometry is less predominant and the lines seem to be less rigid as if they compliment the rock’s cracks. The woman’s face is crowned by colorful flowers and circled by a geometric pattern, a recurrent pattern used by the artist. The composition evokes sensuality through the curved elements and the rather light palette.

About The Artist

Born in 1989, Alexandre Monteiro aka Hopare is a Paris-based, and a growing figure in the street art scene. He discovered street art when he was around 12 years old, while coming across an old factory covered with graffiti. Hopare’s creations are all designed out of a perfect geometry. Often featuring faces at the core of his works, the artist utilizes variations of straight lines going from parallel to interlaced ones.

Hopare belongs to the type of artists whose aesthetic experiences are built around human and natural interactions. His travels around the globe opened his mind to new cultures and traditions and made his artistic personality even more complex.

About The Festival

Street Art on the Roc 2017 is the second edition of this French art festival located in Villars-Fontaine, in Burgundy, but it was quite a success with 11,000 visitors. This week-long event aims at representing all artistic expressions, from spray painting to plasters statues… This year three monumental murals by Hopare, Astro and Pablito Zago were the central pieces of the festival.

Hopare: website | facebook | instagram
Street Art on the Roc: facebook

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