French artist Hopare spent 10 days in the USA where he painted his largest mural to date in Los Angeles and to show a few pieces at the ‘One & All’ art exhibition in gallery Avenue Des Arts located in the heart of downtown L.A. 

About The Mural 

Hopare’s mural which represents a woman holding a baby, highlights the love of a mother for her child. It is accompanied by a quotation : ‘Pour mieux vous guider sur la route éphémère, enfants, le ciel vous dota d’une mère’ (To guide you better on the ephemeral road, children, Heaven gave you a mother). The predominant colors are red and purple, reminiscent of birth, life and love. The drippings certainly evoke blood and sacrifice.

Hopare’s signature characteristics can be seen in the complex pattern of lines present on the faces of both characters. Indeed the artist is specialized in geometry, or in other words a graphic abstract style.

About The Artist 

Born in 1989, Alexandre Monteiro aka Hopare is a Paris-based, and a growing figure in the street art scene. He discovered street art when he was around 12 years old, while coming across an old factory covered with graffiti. Hopare’s creations are all designed out of a perfect geometry. Often featuring faces at the core of his works, the artist utilizes variations of straight lines going from parallel to interlaced ones.

Hopare belongs to the type of artists whose aesthetic experiences are built around human and natural interactions. His travels around the globe opened his mind to new cultures and traditions and made his artistic personality even more complex.

Images by Nicolas Giquel

Hopare: web | facebook | Instagram | twitter

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