Hyuro for Bag-Out festival

It has been a very busy summer for Hyuro to the point that I, myself, could not keep track of her whereabouts, hence this late write-up that should have been done a few weeks ago.
Note to self: try not to blame others for your own laziness. :\

Hyuro for Bag-out About the Mural
Hyuro said: ¨Lioni was one of the towns worst affected by the Irpinia earthquake of November 23th of 1980. Almost the entire housing stock resulted destroyed or severely damaged. The city was awarded with the Gold Medal for Civil Merit for the demonstrated ability to assess housing reconstruction capacity. This Wall is painted in one of the houses that remained standing.¨

Hyuro for Bag-out (2) Hyuro for Bag-out (5)

About the Artist
The Argentinian born, Spanish based Street artist Hyuro is known for blending politics and historical struggles in dreamlike compositions, often depicting women and figures often decapitated, that suggest a message or narrative but leave most interpretation up to the viewer.  

Hyuro began her career working on the canvas and continues to produce paintings and drawings, but in recent years has focused her practice on the streets of Valencia, Spain and throughout Europe.

About the Event
Bag Out, which stands for Biennale Angelo Garofalo Outdoor,  is an art event created in 2003 in the little town of Lioni (Italy), to pay tribute to its greatest artist Angelo Garofalo. Among the artists that participated this year are: Daniel Eime, Manolo Mesa, Sebas Velasco, Milu Correch, Hyuro, Giorgio Bartocci, Domenico Romeo …

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