Hyuro for Willoke Festival

Earlier this month Hyuro was invited to paint at the Willoke Festival in a small town in Italy called Monteleone di Puglia. This wall is located in the Piazza Municipio of Monteleone di Puglia.

About the Mural
Hyuro said: “The morning of August 23, 1942 in this same square came the first popular uprising against the fascist regime. Hundreds of women took to shout in protest against food restrictions. Women, children and elderly were arrested by the fascist authorities, many of the detainees remained in prison for fourteen months. This wall speaks about the role occupied by women during war periods, about their caring for households, families and lands, a task largely silenced throughout history.”

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About the Artist
The Argentinian born, Spanish based Street artist Hyuro is known for blending politics and historical struggles in dreamlike compositions, often depicting women and figures often decapitated, that suggest a message or narrative but leave most interpretation up to the viewer.  

Hyuro began her career working on the canvas and continues to produce paintings and drawings, but in recent years has focused her practice on the streets of Valencia, Spain and throughout Europe.

About the Festival
Willoke is a street art festival, that takes place in the south of Italy between Irpinia and Daunia. The Festival lasts from May till September where many renowned street artists have participated.

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