Spanish based artist Hyuro just finished her latest mural a few days ago for this year’s The Crystal Ship event in Ostend, Belgium.

About The Mural

This untitled piece depicts a person trying to put back together a broken pottery, knowing that this urn will never return to its original state, and for how long it will hold together before it crumbles again.

The mural was inspired by the long-standing state in Belgium, an inconstant integral situation that lives every day to the limit of disintegration. Separated into two irreconcilable linguistic communities, with different cultures, along with old ethnic discords and other stories, are the roots of the crisis of this fragmented country. Researchers said that Belgium is a country with the longest time without consolidating its own government, and paradoxically enough, its capital, Brussels, is considered the capital of the European Union.

“This wall speaks about the fragility of life in all its aspects.¨ Said Hyuro.

Hyuro in Ostend - Photo by Ian Cox (2)

Hyuro in Ostend - Photo by Aruallan

About The Artist

The Argentinian born, Spanish based street artist Hyuro is know for blending politics and historical struggles in dreamlike compositions, depicting women and figures that are often decapitated, that suggest a message or narrative but leav most interpretation up to the viewer.
Hyuro began her career working on the canvas and continues to produce paintings and drawings, but in recents years has focused her practice on the streets of Valencia, Spain and Throughout Europe.

About The Crystal Ship

The Crystal Ship is a contemporary art festival that specializes in public space producing over 25 installations, sculptures and murals every year.
The Crystal Ship also represents a selected group of visual artists worldwide and responds to their needs in the ever-changing domain of art and culture.

Hyuro: web | facebook | instagram
The Crystal Ship: web | facebook | instagram

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