Hyuro in Ragusa, Sicily

Hyuro just wrapped up her busy summer long painting tour across Europe with the brilliant mural entitled ‘Una donna libera’ (a free woman) for Festiwall in Ragusa, Sicily.

About the Mural
Hyuro said: ¨This wall pays tribute to Maria Ochipinti ( 1921-1996 ) militant pacifist, anarchist, feminist, a woman who can be´hardly labeled, recorded in Sicilian history as an emblem of Sicilian women’s protest in the mid-forties.

Maria Occhipinti’s life has not been easy, her quest for freedom and struggle against all kinds of injustice forced her to be uprooted, to move like a nomad without a home. A life full of pain and loneliness, a woman who, by her way of thinking, was marginalized by her people, one of the reasons why she had to live her life in exile. The journey was for her a way to affirm her own freedom, to revolt against bourgeois normality. Maria was a woman who always remained firm in her convictions, sacrificing her life for ideas that went beyond herself, it is her humanity that always prevails in all her actions.
This wall speaks of her passion, her freedom and greatness, but it also represents the incomprehension, abuse and marginalization she had to live with all her life.¨




About the Artist
The Argentinian born, Spanish based Street artist Hyuro is known for blending politics and historical struggles in dreamlike compositions, often depicting women and figures often decapitated, that suggest a message or narrative but leave most interpretation up to the viewer.
Hyuro began her career working on the canvas and continues to produce paintings and drawings, but in recent years has focused her practice on the streets of Valencia, Spain and throughout Europe.

About the Festival
FestiWall is an annual festival of public art that takes place in Ragusa, Sicily at the center of the Mediterranean Sea. The festival promotes and spreads contemporary culture through art, music, and educational workshops, activating a process of urban regeneration and giving the opportunity to the locals to live in a more vibrant territory and triggering a fruitful awareness about the common good.

For the 2016 edition Festiwall adopted the formula that linked five artists (Hyuro, Fintan Magee, Evoca1, SatOneAgostina Iacurci) with five walls, scattering interventions in a well defined area of Ragusa. The district, commonly called “Wild” has been affected in the 80s by an intense construction activity that has drawn a controversial urban landscape, dotted with large residential buildings. The so-called E. R. P. (Public Housing) has for years been synonymous with “urban decay” and an example of suburban little used in the city’s events.



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