iNO Paints a Mural in Kiev

Instability by iNO in Kiev, Ukraine

Visual artist iNO was invited in Kiev to paint for the ArtUnitedUS project that is curated by Iryna Kanishcheva and Geo Leros.

About the Mural
Reaching 48 meters above the ground, the Greek artist completed the biggest mural that he has ever made so far. iNO ‘s artwork is depicting a ballerina dancing over a bomb and has the title “instability”. Inspired by the recent situation in Ukraine, the painting is criticizing the failure of coexistence between people on earth.

INO_instability_ArtUnitedUs_Kiev_2016_01INO_instability_ArtUnitedUs_Kiev_2016_02INO_instability_ArtUnitedUs_Kiev_2016_03INO_instability_ArtUnitedUs_Kiev_2016_08 INO_instability_ArtUnitedUs_Kiev_2016_10 INO_instability_ArtUnitedUs_Kiev_2016_05 INO_instability_ArtUnitedUs_Kiev_2016_06 INO_instability_ArtUnitedUs_Kiev_2016_07

About the Artist:
iNO is a visual artist based in Athens, Greece. He studied Fine Arts and now works as a freelancer. He is best known for his sliced figurative depictions in over-sized murals that aims to draw attention to the social situation. His Murals can be seen throughout Greece, and parts of Europe.

About the Project
ArtUnitedUs is an international project that collaborates through artistic and creative mediums with communities to raise public awareness and attention to the problem of war, aggression and violence.  The project started in Kiev, Ukraine in the beginning of the year, is planning to complete 200 walls during the next 2 years through out the world and without boundaries.

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