Is Gainesville the new Wynwood?

352walls / The Gainesville Urban Art Initiative that was founded and curated by Iryna Kanishcheva is an art movement aiming to transform Gainesville and to position the city as a cultural destination, fostering economic development and promoting urban renewal.

The first phase of this initiative began in October 2015, where more than 10 local artists were invited to collaborate on the huge community mural. Each of them had an individual part. The artists were chosen based on experience and different styles of painting. 

Iryna Kanishcheva said:  “These artists work with stencils, spray paint, brushes, abstract styles, classical styles and even pieces of cloth when creating their murals. The 10 murals on one building combine different mediums and color schemes of art.”

 Kanishcheva organized the murals in a general color scheme, starting with dark, monochromatic pieces that developed into bright, colorful murals. In the case of regional artists, she selected artists who both had and hadn’t previously worked with murals. She said she wanted to give these artists a chance to showcase their talents, as they may not otherwise have the chance in this capacity.

“We wanted to find some new talented artists in Gainesville who probably could represent Gainesville in the international urban scene in the future,” she said.

Among Gainesville based artists: Blake Harrison, Tiara Henderson, Jefreid Lotti, Carrie Wacher-Martinez and Jesus Martinez, Turbado Marabou, Rachel Sommer, Luis Justo Rodriguez and Point108, Evan Galbicka and Senta Achee, Clea Lauriault, Jenna Horner.

Jenna Horner detail Blake Harrison Detail Rachel Sommer Detail Senta Achee Detail Tiara Henderson Detail 0a9d9111-325a-4c08-b254-633d90cd2b79 4f1df3f1-fc55-47bf-9ef8-936eebd85bb2

The second phase brought several internationally famous muralists such as: Franco Fasoli JAZ, Pastel, Elian, Interesni Kazki, Add Fuel, 2Alas, Evoca1, Gaia…Read more about it in this press release.

To learn more about 352Walls visit the website and connect on social media at:
Twitter @352walls
And Instagram @352walls

Photography © Iryna Kanishcheva

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