James Bullough in Kiev

“Rise” is the recent mural by James Bullough for the Art United Us project in Kiev, Ukraine, curated by Geo Leros, Iryna Kanishcheva, Waone Interesni Kazki.

About the mural: “Rise”
At a time when conflict and confusion have a hold in so many corners of the globe, ‘Rise’ speaks to the ability each of us has within ourselves to transcend the turmoil swirling around us and break free of the chaos caused by others.   

Rise by J. Bullough in Kiev (2) Rise by J. Bullough in Kiev (3) Rise by J. Bullough in Kiev (4)

About the Artist:
James Bullough is an American born artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. His paintings, and huge monumentally scaled site-specific murals, are phenomenal combinations of realist painting technique and graphic punctuation. Inspired by gritty urban graffiti as a young artist growing up in Washington, DC, Bullough harnessed its energy in his work, and perfected a realistic oil painting technique from his study of the Old Masters. Combining the momentum of the one and the technical precision of the other, his work is about staging compelling contrasts and juxtapositions. Working in everything from oil, spray paint and ink on canvas, Bullough’s paintings strike a balance between realistic figurations and stylized interruption. Disjointing the realistic elements with graphic areas and fractured or striated planes, Bullough intends to challenge the viewer’s perception.
(Text by Marieke Treilhard)

About the Project:
ArtUnitedUs is an international project that collaborates through artistic and creative mediums with communities to raise public awareness and attention to the problem of war, aggression and violence.  The project started in Kiev, Ukraine in the beginning of the year, is planning to complete 200 walls during the next 2 years through out the world and without boundaries.

Curators: Geo Leros, Iryna Kanishcheva, Waone Interesni Kazki
Photos: James Bullogh and @dronarium

James Bullough

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