A few days ago, the German visual artist and muralist Johannes Mundinger completed his second mural for this year’s The Crystal Ship, an event that hosted incredible talents like Mundinger himself, Axel Void, Henrik Uldalen, the Outings Project, Jaune, Hyuro, Pastel, Bue The Warrior, Alexis Díaz, Bosoletti, Phlegm, C215 Buck and Schellekens.

About The Mural

Originally, Johannes had been appointed to paint a bridge, but sadly the festival only got permission for half of it, so they had to look for alternatives and finally another wall. The result was a completely new design.

Titled “Zonder Einde“ or “Without End“, which also happens to be the name of the street where great part of the mural was painted at, the new piece is characteristic of Johannes’ abstract expressionistic style, where shapes and colours express emotions, experiences and memories in a way that allow the viewer to project their own beliefs, and derive their own meanings.

According to Johannes, much of his work is process based, even when it comes to big walls. Having only rough sketches and a certain idea of what he wants to create as an starting point, he develops each piece right in space, based in a feeling, maybe a composition, and then see where they lead him to.

About Johannes Mundinger

Born 1982 in Offenburg, Germany, Johannes Mundinger studied at University for Applied Sciences in Münster and Académie des Beaux-Arts in Brussels. In 2012 he moved to Berlin where he currently lives and works as a resident artist at the Urban Spree gallery. Johannes has been awarded many times in Germany and Poland for his work and in 2013 he won the jury prize of the Berliner Kunstverein.  Since then, through his work, Johannes has certainly helped to change the way we see and experience Street Art.

Situated on the edge of what we commonly understand as Street Art, his work and style is easy to recognise and are, more often than not, reminiscent of collages and surreal  abstract confluences of different streams, done in his own unique way.

About The Crystal Ship 

The Crystal Ship is a contemporary art festival that specialises in public space producing over 25 installations, sculptures and murals every year. It also represents a selected group of visual artists worldwide and responds to their needs in the ever-changing domain of art and culture.

This article was originally published on Urbanite Webzine.

Images by Ian Cox

Johannes Mundinger: website | instagram | facebook
The Crystal Ship: web | facebook | instagram

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