The Street-Artist duo Julieta xlf and Bifido  recently collaborated on a new mural in Requena, Spain. Sponsored by Ayuntamiento de Requena, the new work, titled “Le Baccanti” blends their different techniques of photorealism and illustration.  

About The Mural

To bring the Athenian playwright to life, “Le Baccanti” depicts a girl looking at her reflection as a free woman able to be whoever she wants, without compromise and perhaps at the possibility of her own emancipation. Cleverly split onto two different walls, it connotes that she’s gazing at her previous self. The mural is also painted in Julieta XLF’s style using bright vibrant hues that conjoin the typical elements of the girl and local landscape. A woman as fierce as her surroundings, that she held strongly, becoming a part of it. The grapes held in her hands represent the wine, which usually serve as richness of the land and unconsciousness.

About Julieta XLF

For the past 11 years the Spanish muralist Julia Silla (AKA Julieta xlf) has been creating vibrant and colorful interior and exterior. With a degree in Fine Arts and a Master’s Degree in Illustration from the Faculty of San Carlos, Polytechnic University of Valencia, she has a remarkable ability to compose whimsical landscapes often complemented by realistic characters with zen-like expressions.  

About Bifido

Bifido is an Italian street-artist from Caserta. His paintings are illustrate intriguing content and are used to make statements and shed awareness on important issues with war, violence, capitalism and children’s rights. His urban aesthetic is intended to impact viewers just like public advertisements do.

Julieta XLF: Website | Facebook
Bifido: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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