“Le Bien Commun” by Rouge in Bordeaux

Le Bien Commun

The Bordeaux based, French artist Rouge painted a mural on a Library Facade in the neighborhood of the Grand Parc in Bordeaux. Entitled “Le Bien Commun” (The Common Good), the mural took from September to November to complete. The project was curated by Pôle Magnetic, with the support of Drac Nouvelle-Aquitaine, in collaboration with MC2A, The Bordeaux Libraries, the City Hall and local actors.

Le Bien Commun (2)About The Mural
Inspired by a short film by Rouge and Luka Merle called Mitoyen(ne-s) comprising of three chapters, and this mural represents the 3rd and last chapter.
Le Bien Commun” is the artist’s depiction of the open trades during her travels where not only vegetables and fruit are sold, but also the exchange of words, anecdotes and memories. It is sometimes the only public place in which it seems legitimate – especially for women – to spread rumors, advice, and sometimes gossip of a neighborhood.

Le Bien Commun (6)Le Bien Commun (4)

RougeAbout The Artist
Graduated from the Beaux-Arts of Bordeaux in 2014, Rouge offers the public an alternative reading of the urban landscape through her cut shapes, collages, pictural wanderings and other street interventions. Rouge modifies, transforms images, thus confronting a singular practice of plastic process with multiple references (literature, history arts but also anthropology and sociology) to the walls of cities and places which define her environment. The result is a strong, conscious, delicate and accesible language inviting the pedestrian to rediscover their environment in a poetic and playful manner.

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