Le Mur Oberkampf by Dodo Ose

Le Mur Oberkampf by Dodo Ose

February 22, 2017
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Le Mur Oberkampf by Dodo Ose

Le Mur Oberkampf by Dodo Ose

On February 4, Dodo Ose, a French artist based in Montreal (Canada) and a member of the collective A’Shop, painted the famous Le MUR Oberkampf in Paris for its 227th edition.

Dodo Ose at Le MURAbout The Mural 
On a usual black background, Dodo Ose painted a light and hazy layer of red and blue. Then he added a fragmented portrait in black and white reminiscent of a Renaissance sculpture that had been broken.
The whole composition features the colors blue, white and red, French symbolic colors. Even if the mural clearly highlights the French identity, this piece is left open to interpretation.

About The Artist
Doryan Ose, aka Dodo Ose was born in 1985 in Lyon. Currently living in Montreal, the artist is now part of two collectives : the famous A’Shop crew, known for their giant and colorful murals, and K6A collective.
He studied Arts in Cannes where he was fascinated by its architecture. Even if he has been painting since his young age, he truly developed his talent and multiplied his techniques once he expatriated in Canada.
Dodo Ose is currently preparing for his first solo show that will take place in Galerie Superposition in Lyon, from March 9 to April 12.

About Le Mur Oberkampf 
Le MUR is in french short for “Modulable, Urbain, Réactif” (adjustable, urban and reactive). It is an association that was founded in 2003. It promotes contemporary art and particularly urban art in the heart of the 11th district of Paris, rue Oberkampf. The association regularly invites artists to paint on a special piece of wall in the street. All the paintings are thus short-lived. The aim of this association is to build a bridge between a whole district and street art. The next artist to paint the mural will be Lunar, a Zagreb-based artist who emerged from the early Croatian graffiti scene.

Dodo Ose: web | facebook | instagram
Le MUR Oberkampf: web | facebook | instagram

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