GRAFF ME # LEBANON is a cultural exchange project between Europe and Lebanon, supported by the European Union.

From September to December 2013, the GRAFF ME team has invested in the streets of Beirut graffiti performances by artists: Katre, EPS, Zepha, PHAT2, ZEUS, PHYSH, DEMON, ZED, RESO, M3ALLEM, TILT and ASHEKMAN. GRAFF ME is also engaged in trading shares through, a workshop and Jam graffiti in the Ain El Remeneh public school, a conference at UNESCO Palace, cafe T-Marbouta debate and a street art exhibition at the gallery 169.

During this project we have chosen to honor the graffiti because it draws on individual differences while giving the opportunity to live in the similarities of all. Free and innovative, it is the gap conducive to positive encounter differences

Marianne Bel-Auricombe

Coordinator Mr. Graff Europe

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