Make America Sane Again by Bambi

“Make America Sane Again” is the latest intervention by English street artist Bambi, at the Royal College Street, in Camden, London.

BAMBI.Good Mourning AmericaAbout The Mural
Lady Liberty once again takes centre stage in Bambi’s latest anti-Trump art which appeared 2 days in London, a week after her first Anti-Trump art ‘Good Mourning America’ was stolen within hours of being unveiled. “Make America Sane Again” is in strong protest against President Trump and his crazy actions and executive orders he has administered in his first week of office. The words “The Woods are Burning” are in reference to the American dream going up in flames and taken from Arthur Miller’s best seller, “Death of a Salesman”.

Lady Liberty stands as a symbol of democracy, civil rights and freedom of speech, press and women’s rights. Lady Liberty shares the world’s shock at the insanity that has gripped America in recent days. Lady Liberty will continue to protest against Trump’s warped, racist, bigoted and paranoid view of the world. We shall not be silenced.

About The Artist
Bambi is the tag name for a female English graffiti artist from London, UK. According to U.S. Time Magazine, “Bambi” is derived from the childhood family nickname “Bambino” and is a popular artist within the show business world. Known collectors of her work include Rihanna, Brad Pitt, Adele, Robbie Williams, and Take That’s Mark Owen. Bambi’s stencilled work is frequently described as gritty and masculine in appearance whilst exploring themes of feminism, popular and street culture.

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