Last September, Russian artist Marat Morik painted his last mural in Sicily during FestiWall‘s week-long street art festival, located in the historical center of Ragusa. Titled ‘On the Way to Pescheria’ (Italian for ‘fish shop’), the mural showcases Italian traditions.

photo by Marcello Bocchieri

About The Mural 

“On the Way to Pescheria” is highly representative of Italy, as it reveals a certain local way of life. The artist focused on the figure of a man on a bike heading to a fish market. The mural shows a juxtaposition of elements, as if there were different layers of collage, which correspond to common stereotypes about Italy, but also the artist’s knowledge and experience of the country.
The Russian artist confessed he has been exposed to Italian culture through literature and old movies but felt the urge to overcome this stereotypical vision. So he reproduced the asphalt he saw on his way out of the airport when heading to the festival’s location and paired it with Italian clichés. This almost collage-like composition revolves around old and new images, a way to reveal what makes Italy so special to the artist. In short, this mural was a means for Marat Morik to reveal his fascination for Italy and its islands.

About The Artist 

Born in 1982 in Novosibirsk, Marat ‘Morik’ Danilyan is a Russian street artist and graphic designer who has shown interest in drawing and painting since childhood. He earned two bachelor’s degrees in Philology and economics from the Novosibirsk State University, but in the end dedicated his life to arts.
In 1998 with the popularization of the Internet Marat learned about the hip-hop culture and developed passion for graffiti. As a result his spray painting skills evolved and he took a great interest in experimenting with lettering. The artist is now a specialist of great murals featuring abstraction and elements of realism. In 2011, he created FGA (The First Graffiti Agency) along with Andrey Aber, a company devoted to street art projects.

About FestiWall 

FestiWall is a week-long street art festival which took place from September 24 to 30 in Ragusa, Sicily (Italy) For its third edition, FestiWall came back with five international artists who painted five different murals which were added to the ten walls of the past editions. As for the muralists, this 2017 edition reunited leading artists from five different countries including : GUE from Italy, Marat Morik from Russia, Guido Van Helten from Australia, Sebas Velasco from Spain and Zoerism from France.

Images by Vinny Cornelli

Marat Morik: facebook | instagram
FestiWall: website | facebook | instagram

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