Ukrainian street artist and former Interenesni Kazky’s AEC just painted a mural in Cologne, Germany. This mural is part of Cityleaks‘ Urban Art Festival that is taking place from September 1st until the 24th. 

About the Mural

This mural has the typical elements of what constitute an Interesni Kazky mural: Colorful, imaginative, surrealistic, with a wide range of characters and symbols.

This piece is titled “Matriarchy”, which is a form of social organization in which descent and relationship are reckoned through the female line. AEC wanted to pay tribute to the woman as a giver of new life and who doesn’t usually start wars and supports peace. He specifically painted this mural in Germany, where women took huge part in rebuilding Germany after World War 2 and actually take main parts in leading the state so far.

About The Artist

AEC Aka Aleksei Bordusov is a Ukrainian muralist part of the former duo Interesni Kazki. He is known for his surrealistic visual imagery. His work is inspired by science, religion, mythology, cosmology, myths and history, but also by current social issues that occupy his mind.

The duo began working together in 1999, Adopting the name Interesni Kazki (interesting fairy-tale), transporting the viewer through a unique universe of symbolic, complex and dreamlike compositions. Their fantastical images can be spotted around the world including works in Italy, Austria, Denmark, France, India, Australia, Mexico as well as here in many cities in the US.

They decided to go their separate ways in 2016, dedicating themselves to their solo projects.

About The Festival

From 1st to 24th September 2017 CityLeaks Urban Art Festival will take place for the fourth time under the title “Sharing Cities“. The festival aims at integrating art, culture and knowledge within its diverse program.

CityLeaks Urban Art Festival seeks to critically confront and intervene in public space. Inspired by the philosophy of breaking silence, the festival attempts to demonstrate that art will not endure censorship, but can respond loudly and critically to its environment.
CityLeaks hereby evokes notions of anonymity, community and truth that the WikiLeaks project celebrates as its core values. Therefore, also the city itself is understood as a platform for citizens to express themselves and leak potentially subversive messages.

The festival conceives of artistic interventions into public space as acts of reclaiming the same. Thus, it aims at a creative appropriation of public space, at recontextualizing its architecture and social fabric as well as at creating new spaces for communal convention and discourse.

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