The Argentian Duo Medianeras, consisting of Vanesa Galdeano and Anali Chnaquia were invited last May to participate in this year’s MURO street art festival in Lisbon, Portugal.

About The Mural

In this mural the duo created a shirt with  iconographies of different parts of America. Their intention was to represent Ibero-American culture, with its colors and graphics. Medianeras added: “For us it was like saying: the culture is inside you, its a part of your identity.  It was our proposal for the MURO festival, which was carried out from 25th to 28th May in Lisbon, Portugal. We have done it with acrylic paint.”

About The Artists

Medianeras (Side walls) is formed by two Argentinian women street artists from the city of Rosario, Vanesa Galdeano (Musivaria) and Anali Chanquia (Artista Busca Pared). Unlike the walls, which are only responsible for separating the spaces, the side walls are those shared between neighbors. This concept interests Medianeras because they believe that public art, besides making cities more beautiful, claims the idea of a shared place – of all individuals – “We want to change the way we usually perceive spaces, our intention is to alter the urban landscape of the street.” 

About The Project

MURO Street Art Festival is an initiative of GAU (Galeria de Arte Urbana), a project of the Department of Cultural Heritage for the city of Lisbon, Portugal. This festival is created to break walls inside the city and society through street art.

MURO brings national and international street artists to intervene in state welfare neighbourhoods. The purpose is not only to take art to public spaces but to bring artists, visitors, and residents together in areas that are usually more vulnerable to be outcasted by society.

MURO aims to put Lisbon on the Street Art map in an open event that invites everyone to take a new look at the city.

Medianeras: website | facebook | instagram
MURO: website

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