“Memoria” is Bosoletti’s new piece in Ordes

Argentinian artist Francisco Bosoletti was last September in Spain invited to take part of this year’s DesOrdes Creativas festival in the city of Ordes, Spain.

About the Mural
Titled ‘Memoria’ (Memory) the mural is part of a series of works inspired by the concept of “Oblivion” in an attempt to give new life to spaces that today are believed to be lost. The mural is inspired by its decaying surroundings and based on an old photograph found in Ordes. The image of a woman’s face that in the hands of Bosoletti establishes an intimate dialogue with the surrounding space and the viewer, highlighting the idea of the passing of time and oblivion. In Bosoletti’s mural each colour, texture and material used is part of one or many stories. A lovely and poetic mural that speaks about nostalgia.


bosolettiAbout the Artist
Francisco Bosoletti was born and raised in Armstrong, a small town in Argentina, where he currently lives and works. He started his artistic development as a child in art studios. He then graduated in 2010 as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer in the city of Rosario. His works, based on their learning in the classic style, show a great interest in human representation, varying in technique as the surrounding environment. Bosoletti often mixes the tulip with the human figure that as a result are transformed into totems, signals, arrows, and warnings whose aim is to preserve an idea of coherent humanity within the pictorial metaphor.

Francisco Bosoletti 

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