Miami Marine Stadium


After the damage sustained during hurricane Andrew in 1992, subsequent inspections have left the Miami Marine Stadium condemned by the city engineers and a six-year-old restoration and preservation project has been drawing attention to the site and raising money with the hopes of funding its return. While the restoration organization has received support from the original architect, local dignitaries, celebrities and even some corporate funds, the $30 million dollar renovation is still some distance away.

Now, beautiful in its decay, the Miami Marine Stadium was given a new purpose when graffiti artists found it an inspirational canvas after it was shuttered in 1992 by the city of Miami.

Honoring the generations of these artists that breathed new life and energy into it, the Art History Mural Project invited Logan Hicks, Crash, Ron English, Tristan Eaton, The London Police, Jose Mertz and Reinier Gamboa to create murals to honor the stadium.

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