With a successful first-edition of a mural project and festival this summer (Read SAUS’s coverage of it here), CURA – Circuito URbano de Arte launched CURA X last month; a mini festival commemorating Belo Horizonte’s 120th year anniversary. For the event, Milu Correch was one of 2 artists invited to paint two large scale murals for the special occasion.

About The Mural

Entitled “”Ajo Y Vino“, the 28 story high wall is one of the tallest in Latin America. Painted in the heart of Belo Horizonte, it took 2 weeks to complete with uncooperative weather. For this piece, Milu invited pixadores (extreme Brazilian graffiti writers) DIC, DOXS and PAVOR to assist and paint the background in words and symbols.

The mural depicts two naked women with masks dancing in front of bottles of wine, surrounded by ravens. An illustrative and provocative piece, Milu explains “I’m beginning a new series of ‘witches’- before capitalism and witch-burning, women had the wisdom of healing, controlling their reproductivity, etc… but were hunted for a centralization of the power and the expansion of population for capitalist benefits. First in Europe, and then in America with less success. My intention is to represent these dynamic women that were tracked down because they were considered a threat to the system. Not for consumption of marriage as a bride, but because of this ethereal connection with nature and inner-spirituality. Another aspect of witches I find fascinating is that in fairy tales they’re the only character not defined by a man, and are key figures to provide the main element of action or controversy in fables.”

About The Artist

Milu Correch is an Argentinean graffiti artist known for creating imaginative  large-scale murals and illustrations. She began painting in the streets of her hometown, in Buenos Aires in 2012. Her subjects focus mainly on mythological and anthropomorphic figures, fusing classic, ancient and Latin American iconography with characters from modern myths.

Even though she’s seen as an ambassador for female street-artists, Milu does not see street-art as a place for gender binary. It is rather a place for all people to express themselves. Milu shares her perceptions with all street artists, in the hopes that future generations will not be subjected to this dichotomy.

About CURA – Circuito URbano de Arte

CURA – Circuito URbano de Arte is the first festival in Belo Horizonte (BH) to integrate mural painting, and the third of its kind in Brazil. The Festival aims to transform the landscape of BH, rescuing the trajectory of urban art in the city and recognizing its current dimension and strength in the country and in the world.

The expansion of an urban-art circuit with murals painted by internationally renowned artists from all over the world will put Belo Horizonte on the map, attracting tourists passionate and interested in graffiti and public art. The project converges with the current cultural scene of BH that is transforming Sapucaí Street into an effervescent vibrant corridor, with an extensive array of programs and guided tours of artwork around Belo Horizonte.

Images by Área de Serviço

Milu Correch: website | facebook | instagram
CURA: web | facebook | instagram

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